TALAYA AMBRONA has been in business since 1978, manufacturing wooden tables and chairs of pine and beech.

We also have a ten-year experience in making beds, bunks, cradles, footrests. Consequently our production has considerably grown large, without disregarding what is essential to us – “to always offer our customers the best quality and service at the lowest price.”

In order to come out with the best products we can fabricate, we have been in constant evolution and have spared no expense in advanced technology and high-level personnel. We have 15,000 square-metre facilities, divided into six sections that grant us an efficient organization to deliver a prompt service, adequately-finished products, and suitable for the market’s needs.

On a weekly basis, we produce over 2,500 chairs, 400 bunks, 250 tables and the rest of the items that we often incorporate to alternate with the standard production.

We’re constantly in motion to be as competitive as we can be and keep up with a ever-changing demanding market.

Our main concern is to be better each day, to meet all markets’ demands, both national and international.

Talaya Ambrona S.L.

Camino Real, s/n
La Gineta (Albacete) – España

Phone: + 34 967 27 51 57